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The Child Friendly City of Regensburg

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In Regensburg children’s rights and child friendly structures are anchored sustainably in such a way that the whole city administration supports and recognizes child and family friendliness throughout the daily work. The city of Regensburg made children's rights mainstream.

Examples for good child friendly practices, structures and programs in Regensburg:

background info

In Regensburg child and family friendliness has been on the political agenda for over 20 years. In the beginning many smaller and even some bigger projects were put into action to improve a family friendly environment. In order to strengthen children’s rights on a local level in 2007 the city council passed guidelines for child and family friendliness and gave the department of municipal youth work the task to create a comprehensive plan for the cities family friendliness. This plan, which was developed with youth and family participation, was issued in 2009. It included an analysis of the status quo, goals and measures to be taken. Since then the city has put measures into action and worked on building sustainable and reliable child and family friendly structures for all aspects of family live within the community.

In 2012, when UNICEF and the NPO “Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk” wanted to launch the „Child friendly Cities Initiative“ in Germany, they asked Regensburg to join the program as flagship, because Regensburg had already built child friendly structures in such an exemplary manner. As one of the first cities in Germany and the very first in Bavaria, Regensburg joined the program and helped develop the process for the initiative in Germany. In 2014 the city of Regensburg passed the first action plan for the program and was officially awarded with the label “Child Friendly City of Regensburg”.  The city has worked on further improving the youth and child friendliness and implementing the UN children’s rights convention on a local level ever since. Currently Regensburg is implementing the second action plan.

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