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International Youth Conference 2018

The International Youth Conference We R international will bring together young people from all over the world in Regensburg during the summer of 2018. Following the initial success in 2016, the conference will take place for a second time from July 29th to August 4th 2018.

Welcome to Regensburg!

Young people are our future! Therefore it is important that they get the opportunity to share their concerns with local leaders and learn to participate in the political process. The young people who take part in the International Youth conference will also learn to better understand other countries and customs through cultural exchange.

The program was founded by Lord Mayer Joachim Wolbergs, who wanted to offer today’s young people the same enriching experiences that he had with exchange programs.

Let’s find new friends from all over the world!



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Six young people aged 16-18 from each twin city of Regensburg and 24 young people from Regensburg will be chosen to attend the International Youth Conference 2018.

At certain points in the program, political representatives or other invites guests will take part as well


Documentation and impressions

Focused on the theme „Let’s talk about you and me!“ more than 70 young people from Regensburg and its twin cities Aberdeen, Brixen, Budavár, Clermont-Ferrand, Odessa, Pilsen, Qingdao and Tempe met from July 31st – August 6th 2016. Learn more about this extraordinary week with the following photos and video.

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