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International Youth Conference 2016

„Let’s talk about you and me!“ Over 80 teenagers from Regensburg and all of our twin cities came together from Juli 31 to August 7 2016

Welcome to Regensburg!

Young people are our future! That is why it is so important that politicians and young people talk with each other. It is important that politicians listen to your concerns and wishes, and include you all in political decisions. It is essential that we also exchange views on an international level and learn to better understand other countries and customs. Hosting an International Youth Conference was a great desire of Lord Mayer Joachim Wolbergs as he himself took part in exchange programmes as an adolescent and in doing so he learned much for his life.


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Let’s find new friends from all over the world!


Six young people aged 16-18 from each twin city of Regensburg and about 20 young people from Regensburg had taken part in the Youth Conference.

In certain items on the agenda political representatives or other invited guest had taken part as well.

Documentation and impressions