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International Youth Conference: We R international

Third International Youth Conference from July 31st to August 6th 2022

Welcome to Regensburg!

Young people are our future!

As we face increasing political instabilities and extremist trends it is important to support all over the world young people’s commitment and openmindedness.

This future cannot work without thinking outside the box. There is no everyday life without global networks and cooperation. Goal of the International Youth Conference is to create a lasting effect on understanding, exchanges and tolerance across national borders.

During the third conference the main focus was on issues linked to our environment like waste and global cooperation. The motto “One world. Our chance. Time to act.” provided a framework for controversial discussions about current topics and encouraged young people’s participation. An important part was the exchange of wishes for an environmentally friendly future. There were workshops on Clothing, Consumption/Trading, Nutrition, Human rights and Biodiversity.

The "Forum Internationaler Jugendaustausch Regensburg (FIJR)" supported the event financially.

Fotografie - Internationale Jugendkonferenz 2022 - Blick von oben auf die Teilnehmenden


Young people aged 16-17 from each of the twin cities of Regensburg and young people from Regensburg were chosen to attend the International Youth Conference.

At certain points in the program political representatives and other invites guests took part as well.

Photos and video documentation

Here you can find some photos and the video documentation of the 3rd International Youth Conference 2022. For more details please have a look at the print documentation.

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