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Anna Valeska / Michael Pohl / Pöpperl
Regensburg, Bavaria


  • Theater / Schauspiel

  • Film / Video

  • Künstlervereinigung

Steckbrief / Werdegang

bambule.babys is a Bavarian-German performance group founded in 2013 in Regensburg. We see ourselves as a breeding place for a theatre of the 'other'. We explore the myths, codes and phenomena that define our identity, thereby creating theatre where a longing for a better state is evoked.

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Bisherige Werke / Publikationen / Auftritte / Veranstaltungen


Theatrical Performances: original pieces and performance series

- Baby Paradise. Coming out. Produced in 2015/6.

- Cecilia arising. Sigismund Chapel. Regensburg, Bavaria. April 2016.

- Cecilia Baby. Picasso Machinery. Brooklyn, NYC. June 2015.

- MUTANTENGESCHLECHT. Das junge Herrscherpaar stellt sich vor. Theatre of University. Regensburg, Bavaria. July 2014.

- MUTANTENGESCHLECHT. Wir brauchen Masken. Campus Festival. Regensburg, Bavaria. June 2014.

- MUTANTENGESCHLECHT. Vor den Toiletten feilschen wir mit unserer Kunst. Abandoned Shop & Public Space. Regensburg, Bavaria. May 2014.

- MUTANTENGESCHLECHT. Fragmente der Kindheit. Kunstverein Graz. Regensburg, Bavaria. March 2014. (Start of the performance cycle MUTANTENGESCHLECHT / HOUSE OF MUTANTS based on the Antigone myth).

Videos (selection)

- Baby Paradise. A Barbie Doll Porn. Short film. 9 minutes. Currently post-producing.

- MUTANTENGESCHLECHT. Short film. 20 minutes. Presented at local cinemas and coffee shops in 2015.

- CRAVE (GIER). Short film about a girl with an eating disorder. Produced 2013. Unpublished. To be further developed.

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