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Anna Valeska / Michael Pohl / Pöpperl
Regensburg, Bavaria
E-Mail: ZWQuc3liYWItZWx1Ym1hYiRvZm5p

Steckbrief / Werdegang

bambule.babys is a 'Bavaria bred' performance collective. The name bambule.babys has its origin in the screenplay 'Bambule' of German RAF terrorist Ulrike Meinhof about a girls' riot in a community home. The 'babys' symbolize human's vulnerability.

Starting out from the Bavarian underground in Regensburg, after having performed among others in abandoned stores, chapels and in front of the toilettes, bambule.babys will take their way to an international audience with 'Baby Paradise' in 2018.

'Baby Paradise' peep show setting is characteristic for bambule.babys' performance installations where no boundaries between the actor and the audience exist. These immersive environments expand to films that offer a highly physical experience.

bambule.babys' surreal aesthetic dives deeply into the unseen. bambule.babys make work that is experimental and controversial in nature, dealing with the wounds of our postmodern existence and beyond.

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Bisherige Werke / Publikationen / Auftritte / Veranstaltungen


Theatrical Performances: original pieces and performance series

- Baby Paradise. Coming out soon.

- Cecilia arising. Sigismund Chapel. Regensburg, Bavaria. April 2016.

- Cecilia Baby. Picasso Machinery. Brooklyn, NYC. June 2015.

- MUTANTENGESCHLECHT. Das junge Herrscherpaar stellt sich vor. Theatre of University. Regensburg, Bavaria. July 2014.

- MUTANTENGESCHLECHT. Wir brauchen Masken. Campus Festival. Regensburg, Bavaria. June 2014.

- MUTANTENGESCHLECHT. Vor den Toiletten feilschen wir mit unserer Kunst. Abandoned Shop & Public Space. Regensburg, Bavaria. May 2014.

- MUTANTENGESCHLECHT. Fragmente der Kindheit. Kunstverein Graz. Regensburg, Bavaria. March 2014. (Start of the performance cycle MUTANTENGESCHLECHT / HOUSE OF MUTANTS based on the Antigone myth).

Videos (selection)

- Baby Paradise Barbie Doll Porn. Anti-porn. Short film. Currently in post-production.

- MUTANTENGESCHLECHT. Short film. 20 minutes. Presented at local cinemas and coffee shops in 2015.

- CRAVE (GIER). Short film about a girl with an eating disorder. Produced 2013. Unpublished. To be further developed.