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Hungry Lions Network Studio


Dopester The Kid
93053 Regensburg
Mobil: 017662793972


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Steckbrief / Werdegang

Hungry Lions Network was born in December 2013. H.L.N. is a connection between artists from Regensburg. The idea was made by Tripol D & D.T.K. to archieve a whole new unique sound. Since then we keep on workin together on our music and became a crew of 10 musicians. Enjoy the good vibes !!!

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Dopester The Kid, K9, D2, Tripol D, Carlos Rivas, 4EvaDrumz, J.O.C, Kwam

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Aktuelle Meldungen aus der Kulturdatenbank

27.12.2016 20:12:58
D.T.K. - Mein Ratisbona Drück Play ! #RunWithTheHungryLions

12.11.2015 14:11:21
"Cosmic Spirit" prod. by D.T.K.!!! PRESS PLAY AND DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY!!! #RunWithTheHungryLions