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41 Hertz


Herr Oliver Grossmann
Hans Sachs Strasse 8
93049 Regensburg
Telefon: 0171 6417811
Mobil: 01716417811



  • Band / Gruppe


Our aim is to entertain our audience with good, chilling bass + beats & vocal sound. Our sound can stand alone, which means, that we as musicians do not have to be in the foreground.
It was important to us, to abandon the noise of a natural drumm kit! Frank, our drummer, is therefore playing a electric drumm kit, where we are able to play even with low noise in small locations.
We are superflexible and are able to give gigs in different combinations:
- all 3 musicians: Jana (vocals), Frank (drums), Oliver (Bass + guitar)
- only 2 musicians: Jana (vocals), Oliver (Bass + guitar + cajon)
- only 2 musicians (instrumental): Oliver (Bass + guitar) and Frank (drums)
- only 1 musician: Oliver (Bass + guitar + cajon)
Most of our sounds are our own compositions.
We like to have an atmosphere, where the instruments and vocals are with equal rights.
Our songs are sometimes quiet complicated in arrangement and very different in sounds, but we also handle some easier compositions.
It is not very easy to describe our sounds, but I would say the best description is Funk-Soul-Jassrock.
The best you can do, is to visit some of our gigs and listen yourself! We are happy to welcome you there!!

Steckbrief / Werdegang

In a short explanation it works as follows: Frank is almost only responsible for the electric drum. Oliver is playing two bass guitars (frettless and with fretts) a fender stratocaster, a digeridoo and a cajon.
To be honest - not realy, we are woring with a looper starton (Boss RC 300). With this station, Oliver can record for example a bass run in live first and let it play afterwards, than he changes to the guitar ...
On this way it takes about 2 minutes to set up a complete song with only three musicians.
Even sometimes the vocals of Jana will be looped. This way we can create "multivocal" songs.

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