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Welcome to Regensburg

Perhaps more than any other city in Germany, Regensburg stands for economic strength and a high quality of life for its inhabitants and visitors. In Regensburg you benefit from the proximity to Munich just as much as from the typical Bavarian quality of life.

  • Whether universities or skiing in the low mountains
  • Whether high-tech companies or beer tent
  • Whether young high potentials or a visit to the opera
  • Whether cluster structures or beer garden
  • Whether international school or world heritage site

Regensburg offers both: outstanding business opportunities “Made in Germany” plus the distinctive life style found only in Bavaria.

The miracle that is Regensburg

Ask a traveller, a culture enthusiast, a history freak and an entrepreneur what they think of Regensburg – and you will get four different opinions about a city that appears to be a place of superlatives from every perspective. It is probably of no importance to the traveller that Regensburg is among the top business locations in Germany. But it might be for you!

Regensburg is impressive on many levels. The historically and culturally significant city is not only a UNESCO world heritage site and an international tourist destination, it has also developed over the last few years to become one of the major economic centres of Germany.

Location rankings

  • The PROGNOS Future Atlas determines the future opportunities and risks of all 401 cities and regions in Germany: Regensburg has very high future chances (rank 19) with highest dynamics (rank 6) and very high location strength (rank 23). (2019)

  • STÄDTERANKING 2019 of WirtschaftsWoche, IMMOBILIENSCOUT 24 and Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln Consult GmbH: The ranking compares the status quo (level ranking), the development (dynamics ranking) of the past five years and the future prospects (future index) of the 71 German cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants using 101 indicators. Regensburg is among the TOP 10 in Germany.

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