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German Commission for UNESCO - Teamer for schools

World Heritage teamers - who is that?

World Heritage Teamers are alumni of the German Commission for UNESCO's Culture-Wide Voluntary Service. They are trained for two years by the German Commission for UNESCO in terms of content and methodology as multipliers for communicating World Heritage to young people, for example in the context of lessons, workshops or project days.

What topics are covered?

The range of topics to be covered includes UNESCO's "World Heritage" concept, the global distribution of World Heritage sites and the role of World Heritage in the context of current social challenges. The team members also have basic methodological knowledge and skills for the conception and management of different educational formats, especially workshops.

What do teamers offer UNESCO project schools?

World Heritage teamers can not only deal with topics from the "World Heritage Education" pillar, but also with the pillars "Intercultural Learning, Living Together in Diversity", "Education for Sustainable Development" and "Global Citizenship" (depending on the topic/focus).

In addition to the topic of World Heritage (e.g. what is World Heritage, how does a site become World Heritage, what is the purpose of the programme, how does it work? These include sustainable development, sustainable tourism, monument and nature conservation, climate change, migration/integration, social housing, responsibility of young people for their heritage, etc.

Contents as well as methods can be adapted to the respective needs (school type, age group, school subject, desired topic/subject) and determined in consultation with the teachers. In the preparation phase the team members are advised by the German Commission for UNESCO.

Individual lessons as well as longer units in the school or at a World Heritage site can be arranged. Experience has shown that offers of two to four teaching hours can best be covered by the team members.

The presence of a teacher during the lessons/units is desired.

How can I request World Heritage teamers?

Enquiries can be made at any time in 2019 to Claudia Brincks-Murmann (ZWQub2NzZW51JG5uYW1ydW0tc2tjbmlyYg==), Department of World Heritage of the German Commission for UNESCO. She will take care of the preliminary coordination (date, scope, topic, etc.). Since the teamers are not professional teachers but volunteers, the preliminary coordination also serves to assess the feasibility of the request, for example with regard to the necessary skills and expertise.

Inquiries are then passed on to the team members. Currently there are about 15 teamers from all over Germany.

Due to the voluntary nature of the commitment and the often existing obligation of the team members as students, the German Commission for UNESCO cannot guarantee that interested parties will be found for each call for proposals. However, early inquiries are successful in most cases.

Will occur any costs if I take up this offer?

There may be some minor costs. The teamers will receive a refund of travel expenses as well as a flat rate for meals for the day. Should a school not be able to cover these costs, the German Commission for UNESCO will examine whether it can cover these costs on its behalf.