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The World Heritage Site

Because of the city´s unique status as "the only authentically preserved large medieval city in Germany" the Old Town Regensburg with Stadtamhof" was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on July 13th, 2006.

Schematische Darstellung der Welterbe-Kernzone
Schematische Darstellung der Welterbe-Kernzone © Stadt Regensburg

Even before it was nominated as a World Heritage Site, Regensburg was a popular tourist destination because of its many medieval towers and pedestrian friendly alley ways that wind their way through the protected old town. No longer a locally kept secret, Regensburg attracts a constant stream of outside visitors. One visit is not enough to enjoy this city on the northern most bend of the Danube River. In addition to its historical treasures, Regensburg provides an array of shops and restaurants, as well as cultural and leisure activities.