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Junior Guides: A city tour FROM children FOR children

Symbolbild: Stadt Regensburg

The Junior Guides and their guests went on a joint expedition through "their" city on the World Heritage Day 2019

The project idea was based on the idea of the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018, which had the motto "Sharing Heritage". The focus was on architectural and archaeological heritage and its intangible aspects, e.g. the fine arts, traditions, etc. 

The project "Junior Guides - a city tour FROM children FOR children" not only dealt centrally with the material and associated immaterial heritage of Regensburg, but had an impact beyond 2018. It was designed for the target group of children and adolescents, but has a broader impact through the involvement of parents, families, classmates and teachers.

Through their role as junior tour guides, the involved students acquire beyond the professional competence, e.g. appreciation and understanding of the architectural heritage of Regensburg's past, valuable learning experience and acquisition of skills that are important for their future life beyond the project, e.g. improved communication and presentation skills, increased self-confidence and transferable knowledge and experience.

The involvement of parents and families in Regensburg's cultural heritage was encouraged and a more positive attitude and stronger connection to the World Heritage Site was created both among the participating children and their families.

Through the understanding and appreciation that was promoted and the stronger attachment of the pupils to their Regensburg heritage - materially as well as immaterially - the preservation, protection and communication of the World Heritage Site could also be ensured in the future.

In cooperation with the teachers and external experts, the students were trained according to a flexibly designed training plan. A "script" with dialogues was written to make the city tour more lively for the children. The younger guests were also be involved in the form of games and puzzles.

The city tours FROM children FOR children is already implemented very successfully in Scotland (Historic Environment Scotland).

Of course, we would be happy if other schools or classes are interested in participating.

You are welcome to contact us at any time: World Heritage Coordination, Daniela Laudehr, ZWQuZ3J1YnNuZWdlciRhbGVpbmFkLnJoZWR1YWw=