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The exhibition space is found on two floors in the Salt Warehouse. The permanent exhibit is on the first floor and contains an interactive array of media installations and displays. The ground floor has room for travelling exhibits and for group activities.

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Floor Plan and Exhibition Themes



Information Desk

The friendly staff at the Information Desk is ready to help you find your way through Regensburg World Heritage. 

You can also get free guided tours through the permanent exhibition space - just contact our World Heritage mediators.

Permanent Exhibition

The Permanent Exhibition includes five display areas that depict Regensburg’s status as a World Heritage City.  The suspended display cases preserve the spacious atmosphere of the historic Salt Warehouse.

UNESCO World Heritage

The first display area presents the theme, ‘UNESCO World Heritage,’ from a local and international perspective.  A large interactive media globe gives visitors access to World Heritage Sites from around the world in several languages.

From Roman Camp to Modern City

The second display area depicts the development of the historic Old Town with Stadtamhof. A uniquely integrated multimedia projector and city model reveal the development of Regensburg over the last 2000 years.

City on the River - a city in Flow

The third thematic area deals with Regensburg as a medieval trading city on the Danube River. A special focus is given to the different functions of the Stone Bridge, Regensburg’s most notable, historic landmark.

Life in the City

The fourth display gives some insight into the social history of Regensburg, including religion, the arts, and the sciences. Of particular interest are the miniature dioramas that give visitors a peak into the lives of citizens from centuries past.

City of the Imperial Diet

The fifth theme, ‘City of the Imperial Diet,’ explains Regensburg’s importance when the Imperial Estates of the Holy Roman Empire held their general assemblies here.


Virtual library

The Virtual Library in the visitor centre provides additional information to guests interested in Regensburg’s history and present development.

Globe Media Installation

The interactive media globe is an iconic feature of the permanent exhibition.  Nearly 2 metres in diameter and illuminated from within, it features user-friendly displays that give visitors access to World Heritage sites around the globe.

A Model of the City

This multi-media installation which includes a city model and projector is another highlight of the permanent exhibition. The model illuminates Regensburg’s development over the past 2000 years while projected images tell the history of Regensburg over several periods.

Other Spaces

Special Exhibitions and Event Areas

A space has been left open for special exhibitions, presentations and shows on the main floor. The space for exhibits and / or presentations can be booked and planned with the City of Regensburg.  The facility is open to schools, universities, and any organization that wishes to hold an event.

The event area provides space for up to 50 people and can be used for either lectures or other gatherings. It also has facilities to host children’s programmes.

World Heritage Artwork

The Rotary Clubs of Regensburg donated this artwork to the City of Regensburg. The sculptor, Alfred Böschl,  draws attention to Regensburg’s Outstanding Universal Value by capturing the World Heritage City as a bronze relief on top of a hemisphere.

A Cloakroom with lockers is also located on the main floor of the Salt Warehouse.

Bridge Tower Museum

This little museum inside the Bridge Tower invites you to a unique view of the Stone Bridge and the Danube River. It is housed in the last of three towers that once graced the Stone Bridge. The museum gives an interesting account of the bridge, and the city on the river.   Four storeys of history and views await you.