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Relocation in Regensburg. Regensburg has a lot to offer: not only greenfields, fully developed premises and business incubators, but even more important the business opportunities and services you need to successfully capture Germany and Europe from your base in Regensburg.

With the RBD - Regensburg Business Development GmbH – we offer you a one-stop-shop, that accompanies and supports you in every respect. Before and after your relocation.

International references:

AMGEN Research Deutschland GmbH
GE Aviation Deutschland GmbH
AVL Software & Functions GmbH


Toni Lautenschläger, Dipl. Phys. Univ.
Managing Director
RBD Regensburg Business Development GmbH
Call +49 941 597 1851
or e-mail lautenschlaeger.toni@regensburg.de