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Research and Development

From location advantage to global competence - through education, research and the transfer of knowledge

Corporate success is no coincidence. It is a question of good preparation. You yourself are of course responsible for the organisation of your company and its internal processes. But where multiplication and acceleration are concerned, you are more than welcome to use our networks.

Cluster policy and strategic partnerships

Regensburg has put into practice the strategy for the modernisation and expansion of Bavaria as a business and knowledge location which was initiated by the state government. And successfully, too! The Economic Development Department responded at a very early stage to the impulses from industry and actively supported the development of a main focus in the sensor technology sector. Next came cancer research and networks in the medical sector, which in turn were followed by strategic partnerships and the development of a biotech cluster. Some very interesting companies emerged here as a result of the cooperation between industry and universities, also in the sector of IT security.

Profile development and marketing

The development of other clusters is being considered and already in the pipeline (e.g. energy and electro mobility). However: apart from the development of clusters, great importance must be placed on profile development and marketing if the emerging potential is to be exploited to the full. The Economic Development Department in Regensburg is very much committed to this and is looking for and promoting the dialog with interested companies.

Both the coordination of those involved and their interests as well as the bundling of manpower and resources are major aspects of a location advantage. In this respect the Stadtmarketingverein (City Marketing Association) supported by the City of Regensburg offers the ideal platform: with its goal of strengthening Regensburg’s profile as the “city of knowledge, business and science”.

 Knowledge must flow

If know-how does not flow, it cannot be utilised. The Economic Development Department of the City of Regensburg is going to great lengths to promote cooperation with all participants and transfer hubs in order to ensure that the transfer of knowledge does not just remain a declaration of intent and that the universities and companies benefit from each other. Companies, research institutions and universities are pooling their expertise in this way and opening up new potential and markets by means of cooperation and future-orientated projects.