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Quality of life

Where quality of life is foregone conclusion

Everyone who has ever been to Regensburg raves about it. About the picturesque alleys and its Mediterranean flair. About the uncountable architectural testimonials to 2000 years of history. Or perhaps because you just cannot avoid being infected by the omnipresent cheerfulness all around you. Life pulsates in Regensburg. And the locals are more than willing to share the pleasure with visitors.

Why not stay here for ever?

Kings and emperors have asked themselves that very same question over the thousands of years of Regensburg history. The emperor Marc Aurel founded Regensburg when he built the roman fortress “Castra Regina” in the year 179 A.D. Probably the oldest brewery north of the Alps also derives from that time. For almost 300 years Regensburg served as the main residence of the old Bavarian Dukes and the Perpetual Diet attracted envoys to Regensburg from all over Europe for hundreds of years. Trading connections that reached as far as Paris, Venice and Kiev made Regensburg one of the wealthiest and most heavily populated cities in Germany in the middle ages.

 A place for movers and shakers but also for connoisseurs

If you walk through Regensburg, you can feel them. The economic power and concentration of professionalism. But also a Mediterranean tranquillity, which at first sight seems a contradiction. If you take a closer look, however, you will notice that the two go hand in hand. Success in life and enjoyment of life lie very close together in Regensburg. People here understand how to keep cool when doing business – and to enjoy life as you would in Italy.

 Shopping in all its facets

Regensburg is the Mecca of Eastern Bavaria with many diverse and continuously expanding shopping opportunities. A gross turnover of approximately 1.3 billion Euros is achieved in around 1,400 shops. Over 650,000 inhabitants in the commuter belt and any number of tourists from home and abroad appreciate the diversity of the shopping scene in Regensburg.

Regensburg has defined clear goals for the old town centre, for shopping centres and specialist store locations, for various districts of the city and for the provision of local shops. In particular the aim is to strengthen and vitalise the trade and service structures in the town centre, so that the diversity of offers will ensure that the unique profile of the historic centre of Regensburg with its distinct identity is sustained and further expanded for the future.