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Businesses in Regensburg

Andritz Fiedler GmbH & Co. KG

Andritz Fiedler Produktion (C) Stolz

The Fiedler family-run enterprise established in Regensburg in1889 has developed to become a global player and a leader in quality and expertise. The rapidly expanding industrial group Andritz operates worldwide and produces among other things stock preparation systems for the paper industry. In the course of becoming a single-source supplier, Andritz successfully integrated Fiedler into the group as the specialist for screen baskets.

Schneider electric

Thierry Tricot - Areva (C) Stolz

In the year 1990 AEG Sachsenwerk, today Schneider Electric, decided to set up a new location in Regensburg. With investments amounting to 50 million Euros at the time, it built its new medium voltage technology headquarters for Research & Development and Production here.

With 850 employees the “Energy Transmission and Distribution” division achieves an export rate of 60-70%.

BMW AG - Regensburg Plant

BMW Montage 1er (C) Pressefoto

Approximately 1000 BMWs from the 1-series, Z4 and 3-series are produced daily in one of the best car factories worldwide. The Z4 is produced exclusively in Regensburg for the world market. About 9,000 employees, including 300 trainees, work on a total area of approximately 140 hectares.

Cipsoft GmbH

Arbeitsplatz eines Spieledesigners bei Cipsoft (C) Stolz

CipSoft GmbH is an independent developer and publisher of online games for various platforms. The software developer’s portfolio includes MMORPG Tibia, one of the most successful online games in Europe. In addition, CipSoft GmbH develops and runs Tibia Micro Edition, the first online role playing game for mobile radio devices.

Founded in 2001, CipSoft now employs 36 people and ranks among the Top 5 fastest growing technology companies in Germany.


Continental Testcenter (C) Pressefoto

The Continental Corporation is one of the top five automotive suppliers worldwide. As a supplier of brake systems, systems and components for the powertrain and chassis, instrumentation, infotainment solutions, vehicle electronics, tires and technical elastomers, the corporation contributes towards enhanced driving safety and protection of the global climate. Continental is also a competent partner in networked automobile communication. Approximately 7,000 qualified employees produce high-tech components for the automotive industry in Regensburg.

Dallmeier electronic

Dallmeier electronic Kamera (C) Stolz

Dallmeier has more than 20 years of experience in the field of transmission, recording an image processing technology and as a pioneer in the field of CCTV/IP solutions has a leading position worldwide. Its profound knowledge base is put to good use in the development of intelligent software and the production of high-quality recorder and camera technology. So not only is Dallmeier in a position to offer stand-alone systems, but also complete network solutions right through to large scale projects comprising perfectly coordinated components.

Thermo Fischer Scientific

Geneart (C) Geneart

Thermo Fischer Scientific has emerged as the world leader in the production of synthetic genes and is today one of the leading specialists worldwide for synthetic biology. With its branch in Regensburg, the biotech company provides key technologies for the development and production of therapeutic preparations and vaccines. At the same time customers can use the Thermo Fischer Scientific services to improve enzymes, e.g. for use as additives in detergents and for the construction of bacteria that produce or decompose complex biopolymers (e.g. plastics, petroleum etc.).

Infineon Technologies AG

Infineon Produktion (C) Pressefoto

Infineon Regensburg is a development and production location featuring a high degree of innovation. With around 1,800 employees the company develops and manufactures semi-conductor products here for automotive, industrial, smart card and communication applications. Regensburg has a unique position within the group in that only here can you find the complete value chain, from the chip to the finished component. Highly innovative solutions are developed for the products of tomorrow in the international competence centre for efficient installation processes and state-of-the-art housing technologies.

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen Produktion (C) Stolz

Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen (MR) GmbH celebrated its hundredth anniversary in the year 2001. The company has expanded continuously worldwide right up to the present day and now employs about 2,500 people.

MR secures its position as leader on the world market in the field of tap chargers with subsidiaries in Germany (Dresden, Oberursel) and abroad (Australia, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, USA).

One Vision Software AG

Aumüller Druck Produktion (C) Stozl

The international software company develops innovative workflow solutions for the complex tasks involved in the print and media industry. Software from OneVision saves time and expense in data and image-intensive processes, where fast processing, maximum quality assurance and automation are vital requirements. Its customers include many well-known publishers, pre-press companies, job printers and digital printers, advertising agencies, institutions and industrial companies. The OneVision corporate group has its headquarters in Regensburg and several subsidiaries in among other places the USA, Great Britain, France and Brazil.

Osram Opto Semiconductors

OSRAM Produktion (C) Pressefoto

The world’s second largest manufacturer of optoelectronic semi-conductors for the illumination, sensor and visualisation sectors employs around 3,400 people in its headquarters in Regensburg (1,800 employees) and other development and production locations in Californian San José and Penang in Malaysia. The chips for LEDs and laser are produced in Regensburg- Burgweinting.

Siemens AG - Low Voltage

As one of the largest employers in the region it has two sites: one in the eastern part of Regensburg, with the headquarters of Electrical Installation Engineering with about 1,600 employees. Core products include ALPHA distributors, BETA installation devices, GAMMA building system technology and DELTA switches and sockets.

The Siemens branch in the Gewerbepark (business park) provides the sales region of the Upper Palatine with innovative products, system solutions and electronic and electrical services.

SGB-SMIT Transformer Group

The SGB-SMIT service and product portfolio ranges from transformers for energy supply to professional order management and installation and on right through to safety inspections.

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