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May 28th Official Opening

Here you can view photos of the World Heritage Visitor Centre and share Regensburg’s excitement on the official opening day, 28th of May 2011.

On the day of the official opening of the World Heritage Visitor Centre guests were entertained by an array of interactive activities for families and individuals alike.  Stage performances and a ‘geographic-coordinated’ treasure hunt made for a festive atmosphere.

Opening Remarks by the Bavarian Minister or State and the Lord Mayor of Regensburg

The highlight of the day was the moment when the World Heritage Visitor Centre Regensburg was declared officially open by the Lord Mayor of Regensburg, Hans Schaidinger, and the Bavarian Minister of the State, Martin Zeil.   Guests were really impressed after experiencing the exhibition for the first time.  “We’re lucky that we have managed to establish such an innovative Vistor cente,” states Hans Schaidinger.  “It wouldn’t have been possible without the support and the funding of the Federal Republic and the European Union.”

Visitor Centre Concept

The World Heritage Visitor Centre Regensburg is an exhibition space open to visitors from far and wide.  Its aim is to convey the World Heritage message in an informative but comprehendible way.  Modern interactive installations and unique didactic displays introduce visitors to various aspects of Regensburg’s World Heritage status.