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Vibrant City

"Regensburg is both old and new." This motto appears in Regensburg's tourist brochures, and it would be easy to think it was created by a modern advertising agency.

But these words come to us from a monk named Otloh, who lived in the St. Emmeram monastery in the mid-11th century. Even then, the contrast between old and new must have been something unusual, and it is a city characteristic that remains to this day. The city, rooted and founded in Roman times, is now also a modern high-tech industry location. Traditional old trades like hatmakers and tower clockmakers are at home here, just the same as the Infineon chip factory, Toshiba's laptop production, or BMW's flourishing car factory.

Past, Present, Future

When we look to the future, the city's society still finds valuable points to ponder in its past, and our slogan is: "Being sure of our past makes us strong for the future." A world leader among IT companies has a branch in Regensburg, and advertises its "innovation" using stone-carved Roman lettering. The head-high stone block is the "founding certificate", history close enough to touch, and a reminder of Regensburg's first mention in writing.


The founding of the university and technical institute, together with the complete restoration of the old town area, caused an upsurge in prosperity. The city's beauty came as a surprise to many of the new arrivals, and together with tempestuous economical development in high-tech industry, it created a huge magnetic effect for people, science and research, and investments.

Those who live here today do their highly modern work and research before the historic backdrop, in an urban culture and lifestyle, with modern factories and famous research institutes. Regensburg's established status as a fully developed IT location is no contradiction to this - what makes it so attractive is this balance between being able to view thousands of years of history every day, and using the world's newest IT and communications technologies.

Innovation and success

Regensburg is on the way to becoming one of Germany's leading technology locations. We see this not only in the many city votes, where Regensburg is regularly among the top 10, but also in the tight network of influencers in the fields of science, research, economy and public administration.